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About us at Eatout.nz Restaurant Guides

About Eatout Restaurant Guides

Garry and I started the Eatout Restaurant Dining Guide because we just couldn’t find what we were looking for on the internet. It seemed we would search through pages and pages of different websites and never really found one that did everything we needed.

Other directories didn’t have enough info unless we knew exactly where we wanted to go, it was impossible to figure out which restaurant looked better than the next. That left us with getting in the car and taking the risk that what we choose was the right choice!

We needed one place to see a huge list of restaurants covering the whole of Australia, with simple & easy to use navigation and without advertising clutter all over it! It also had to have more than just a list of names and addresses. How can anyone choose a restaurant with so little information?

And so Eatout Restaurant Guide was built and went live on 20 September 2004. We are a small team working from home offices making sure our customers receive our great customer service.

Eatout is a work in progress and we’re always finding new ways to get even more diners to our website. Feel free to add your restaurant for free or really show it off with an upgrade.


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